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Indian Peafowl - Large Kit


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(Pavo cristatus)

As it's name suggests, this bird originates in India where it is still fairly common throughout most of the country.


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0207KT18: Indian Peafowl 18 hpi kit (£26.99) Qty
Size 8.9" x 6.1" (22.6 x 15.5cm)

0207KT16: Indian Peafowl 16 hpi kit (£27.99) Qty
Size 10.0" x 6.9" (25.4 x 17.5cm)

0207KT14: Indian Peafowl 14 hpi kit (£28.99) Qty
Size 11.4" x 7.9" (29.0 x 20.0cm)

0207CH: Indian Peafowl Chart Only (£5.99) Qty
Colour key Anchor & DMC

0207LD: Indian Peafowl E - Chart (£5.99) Qty
Chart prints on 2 A4 sheets with key for Anchor & DMC
All above kits supplied with Pewter fabric  
No. of colours in design - 31 exc. blends  
Pattern size (stitches) - 160 x 110

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