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Guillemot- Small Kit


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(Uria aalge)

Locally abundant on rocky sea cliffs in the North Atlantic.


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0211S16: Guillemot 16 hpi kit (£12.99) Qty
Size 5.0" x 6.9" (12.7 x 17.5cm)

0211S14: Guillemot 14 hpi kit (£13.99) Qty
Size 5.7" x 7.9" (14.5 x 20.0cm)

0211SCH: Guillemot Chart Only (£4.99) Qty
Colour key Anchor only

0211SD: Guillemot E - Chart (£4.99) Qty
Chart prints on 1 A4 sheets with key for Anchor only
 On 14/16 count pewter aida

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