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Canada Goose - Large Kit

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(Branta canadensis)

The Canada Goose is common bird, occurring naturally in Northern North America but mainly as an introduction in Europe.

Canada Goose

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0215KT18: Canada Goose 18 hpi kit (£32.49) Qty
Size 12.2" x 11.2" (30.9 x 28.5cm)

0215KT16: Canada Goose 16 hpi kit (£33.49) Qty
Size 13.7" x 12.6" (34.8 x 32.1cm)
0215KT14: Canada Goose 14 hpi kit (£34.49) Qty
Size 15.6" x 14.4" (39.7 x 36.6cm)

0215CH: Canada Goose Chart Only (£8.99) Qty
Colour key Anchor & DMC

0215LD: Canada Goose E - Chart (£8.99) Qty
Chart prints on 6 A4 sheets with key for Anchor & DMC

All above kits supplied with White fabric
No. of colours in design - 25 exc. blended colours  
Pattern size (stitches) - 219 x 202
This design uses a small amount of fractional/back stitches.

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