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Black-browed Albatross - Cross stitch kit (L)

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(Diomedea melanophris )

The Black-browed Albatross is a bird of the Southern Oceans, but is the most likely Albatross to be seen in Northern waters. Like other Albatross species it spends most of its time out at sea, only coming to land during the breeding season.
Black-browed Albatross

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0150KT18: Black-browed Albatross 18 hpi kit (£26.99) Qty
Size 6.1" x 13.2" (15.5 x 33.6cm)

0150KT16: Black-browed Albatross 16 hpi kit (£27.99) Qty
Size 6.9" x 14.9" (17.5 x 37.8cm)

0150KT14: Black-browed Albatross 14 hpi kit (£28.99) Qty
Size 7.9" x 17.0" (20.0 x 43.2cm)

0150CH: Black-browed Albatross Chart Only (£6.99) Qty
Colour key Anchor only

0150LD: Black-browed Albatross E - Chart (£6.99) Qty

Chart prints on 3 A4 sheet with key for Anchor only

All above kits supplied with Pewter fabric
No. of colours in design - 23
Pattern size (stitches) - 110 x 238

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